Water Damage Due To Flooded Basement

Every homeowner in Colorado knows about the eventual basement flood when unpredictable weather comes around, which could be the cause of water damage that happens quite often.

At Revive Restoration, we help every client like you get your basement back to its original look. In this post was inspired by a client true story that recently happened during the cold temperatures. 

“In the evening, we realized that our basement was flooded, our minds raced in all sorts of directions. Instead of panicking, we immediately grabbed towels and a squeegee to evacuate the water starting to infiltrate. And, since it was a lot of water, we called the water damage restoration professionals at Revive Restoration.”


As a reminder, here are listed few things you must do when finding out about a flooded basement:

  • Call a professional. Before you do anything else, call in professional help. First on your list should be a plumber or water damage restoration experts. They can evaluate the harm and guide you in the process of getting rid of the water.

  • Turn off electric lines. Cut off all the electric lines that could be involved. You may never be sure if water got inside your electrical parts.

  • Remove furniture. Once you determine where the water is spreading, quickly remove your furniture from your basement. Water damage in basements deteriorate possessions, walls, floors.

  • Clean the floors. If the water is only a small amount, mops and towels can be used to soak up any excess liquid. However, if your basement is over flooding, it’s likely that your sump pump malfunctioning or your septic is full. Call us, at Revive Restoration, we help clients with water removal if there are 2 feet of water or more.

  • Dry the area. Next, take steps to dry the basement. This goes beyond letting it air dry. Use industrial fans, towels, and a dehumidifier to get rid of that final layer of wetness.

  • Mold RemediationFinally, take steps to eliminate mold growth before it even starts. In areas that have recently flooded, mold can grow, so be careful to take the proper precautions to protect you and your family. Use soapy and warm water with hydrogen peroxide to clean the moldy area.

  • Then the next day, call a septic specialist to inspect your tanks. If you think sewage issues were the source of the flood.


Call Us Your Water Damage Professional

At Revive Restoration, we want our customers to enjoy their basement again. Even though you’ve been through a flood, remember that you’re not by yourself. Some homeowners encounter these difficulties more than once in their lifetime, which is common.

Embrace the stress and keep your calm as much as possible. Call us at anytime during the day or night for an immediate water damage restoration service or/and a free estimate for restoration services.